Christmas is Coming

Today was just another day in the Newcomer house.  I drove to Eugene for school and took an anatomy test, cleaned my house, did laundry, completed hours of school work, took Madie to basketball practice and finally got started on Christmas decorations.

Christmas is my very favorite holiday.  I love everything about it from the decorations to the music.  This will be our first year of having Christmas dinner at our house and I am excited. We are always somewhere else for the holidays.  Splitting our time between my family and Mike’s.  While I enjoy getting to be with the family I also want my kid’s holiday memories to be from our home not just the Grandparent’s houses. 

So, Mike is actually letting me put some decorations up now.  He usually has a strict nothing Christmas of any kind until after Thanksgiving but he is bending it this year. 

My fireplace and mantel have been completely plain since we moved in so I of course I want to start there.  We finally have a fireplace to hang our stockings over!!!

This is the mantel before, pretty boring
Now of course I am not done.  But it is nice to have a few things up. The picture has nothing to do with Christmas but I have been wanting to get more family picture on the wall and when I saw this set I fell in love.  The middle piece is very much how I feel about my home
The vases filled with ornaments is something I saw on Pintrest and had tried before
I still plan on adding more to the mantle and of course hanging our stockings.  I am going to put some candles and greenry on it kind of like this:
Hopefully it turns out as cute as I think it will.
We are going to head out tomorrow to do the shopping for our new bulk cooking from scratch thing.

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