Crazy Baking Day!

What a fun day today!

Ty went to Nana and Papa’s house this afternoon so I decided to make today a girls baking day.  Madie and I made rolls (for dinner at Sarah’s), cinnamon rolls and orange bowknots. 

The orange bowknots were like a step back in time.  What seems like forever ago I lived in Mexico working at a mission in Carmen Serdan.  My time there was amazing and it changed my life forever.  The down side of living there was oatmeal for breakfast almost every day and beans and rice for lunch.  Its not like I have anything against those meals but after eating them nearly every day for months on end I grew quite tired of them.
Every now and again my dear friend Madie would make these amazing orange bowknots.  They were quite the treat and tasted like heaven.  I got to thinking about them the other day and Madie graciously gave me the recipe.  They were great and brought me back.
I loved getting to spend time with Madie.  It didn’t matter what we were doing.  We could have been watching a movie or changing the oil on a car 🙂 I just love talking with her.  Sometimes its easy to forget how beautiful the world is through a child’s eyes (yes that sounds cheesy).  She sees things so simply and black and white.  I miss those days.

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