Cookie Exchange

I held a cookie exchange this month and it was a ton of fun.  I invited 10 ladies, only 5 actually came but a couple sent their cookies, and we each baked 7 dozen of our favorite cookies.  In the end each lady left with over 6 dozen new cookies.  I love cookie exchanges because it practically eliminates the need for me to do a ton of Christmas baking.  Also getting new recipes is never a bad thing.  It was nice to just hang out and chat.

Everyone went home with something that looked like this:

A big tray of cookies and a little recipe book.
I am thinking of making it a bigger event next year and possibly holding it at Creekside.  I would of course have to make the baking amounts smaller.  I am thinking that if I invite 24 ladies and each bakes 4 dozen cookies we would each come home with 2 of every kind of cookie.  What does everyone think of this idea?

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