More Christmas Decorations

So we have been continuing our Christmas decorating and I am pretty happy with the results.  A lot of our decorating has to be done in a….frugal way.  Money is a little tight for us this time of year.  With both of us being students and needing to buy presents for our two kids plus my 4 nephews and niece, I would rather spend money on gifts than decorations.  So, we have been using things we already have in new ways.  The snowflakes hanging from our fireplace are actually Christmas tree ornaments from last year.  The vases on the mantel are filled with rice that we colored and all the rest we already owned or got from the dollar store.

The next picture is my dining room (set up for the cookies exchange) we took more ornaments (we had tons) and just hung them from the ceiling with fishing line

And the thing we did that was inexpensive and made the biggest difference is to wrap all our pictures on the wall in Christmas paper.



2 thoughts on “More Christmas Decorations

  1. Awesome Job!!! What a neat idea to wrap those pictures. Tree looks beautiful and doing the same with our snowflakes in a different way this year as well. Your Mantel and fire-place looks great!!! Merry, Merry Christmas!! Love to you Colette ❤ ❤


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