Birthday Vacation

This years birthday was the best yet.  Well, the actual birthday was nothing to special but the trip we took a couple weeks after was amazing! We went to Seattle for two nights with our bestfriends, Tommy and Sarah.  We spent the entire trip relaxing, watching the Food Network and visiting the sights.

We opted for a condo instead of two seperate hotel rooms.  Ironically it was about the same price and let us hang out together watching tv.  We also cooked most of our meals which saved us a fortune.  The condo was beautiful had two bedrooms and allowed us to park the car when we got there and not touch it again until we left.

The Condo:

The condo was downtown and everything we wanted to see was within walking distance.  I took a few picture on my birthday gift from Mike.  If you recall I really wanted a camera for my birthday, I didn’t get one but I got something even better… iphone.

We went to the Columbia Center, which is the tallest building in Seattle.  It is over 300 feet taller then the space needle and only cost $5 to go to the top.

Here’s the view:

We went to Pikes, ate dinner at Hard Rock and finished up with a movie at the IMAX.


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