A Newcomer Update

My goal this year is to blog more.  I have several friends that live out of state who have asked for more pictures/updates about our lives and I have decided to use my blog to do so.  I am kind of over Facebook, not that I wont keep using it 🙂 but sometimes I think the disadvantages out way the benefits of that site.  But that’s not the reason for this post.  So here is what is going on with us:


Mike is attending school at Lane Community College and working towards his associates degree. What is this associates degree in you may ask, honestly he’s not sure yet. He thinks he would like to be a social worker but is still trying to listen for what God may want from him.  Right now he is working on the basics that every degree needs and seeking the Lord for further direction.

Mike spends a good amount of his time helping out with different church activities like the cafe in Sweet Home and children’s ministry as well as the food bank which I will talk about more later. His life is a busy one between family obligations, church and school but he seems happier than I have ever seen him.  I am blessed to have such an amazing husband who is so willing to give of his time to anyone who may need it. 

Madie is a first grader and doing incredibly well in school.  She is a natural reader and has been since she was in preschool.  She loves books more than almost anything and more often than not can be found in her room reading.  She is currently into the classics (can you tell she her mother’s daughter?) and is reading Little Women.  She was given a beautiful edition of it that is packed full of illustrations. She finished up basketball and will  be starting indoor soccer next month.  She seems to enjoy the socializing more than the actual sports but at this age I think that’s the important part. She is sweet, intelligent and loving little girl.  
Ty’s days may not seem very exciting to other but to him they are packed full.  His birthday was just after the cut off so he is staying home with us and will start Kindergarten next year.  He mainly hangs out and plays with us but we are trying to get some schooling in through out the day as well.  He learns best through hands on play and hates sitting still for very long.  He is incredibly imaginative and is rarely just Ty.  Most days he’s a dinosaur, Billy, a mean house or anything else that is strange and exciting. He will be starting karate next month and we are excited to see him do something with all this crazy energy he has.
I think the most important thing anyone could know about Ty is that he is kind.  He is honestly one of the kindest people (children and adults included) that I know.  He loves everyone and is very concerned about everyone else’s happiness.  Whether its entertaining his baby Abby or playing yet another girly game with his sister, his main concern is always other people’s joy. He cries when other people cry even if he doesn’t know what it’s about, it just breaks his heart when others are hurting.  I hope that this character trait is one that stays with him for the rest of his life. 
My life is pretty much consumed with school and kids.  I am still working on my nursing degree and find school challenging and fun.  I honestly love to learn and am finally getting to take some classes that I personally find interesting like Victorian literature and anthropology. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship this year and feel blessed that my school finances are no longer a concern. 
Being a mom is one of the larger parts of my life.  My children are amazing and although at times parenting is a challenge I am so incredibly lucky to have these little people in my life.  People always told me that I wouldn’t really understand what it was like until I was a parent and I laughed at them.  How hard is it to understand what being a parent is? But it’s a true statement.  Nothing I thought I knew about being a mom was even close to true.  It is so much harder and ironically easier than I thought.  The day to day, never being alone, is more difficult than I imagined it would be but the putting someone else’s needs above my own is actually easier.  Most of the times us moms do it without even thinking 🙂 These two are amazing!
The Family
Life here in Lebanon is actually pretty great.  We have a beautiful home filled with tons of laughter and love (I know how cliche that sounds). Mike and I have been married for 7 years and I can honestly say we have never been happier or more in love. Not everyday is a fairytale but he is perfect for me and I have never been more sure of that fact. I am continually amazed that a person as messed up as me was given such a good man.
We have seen some of the relationships in our lives change for the good and some not so good.  But we are learning that people are always changing and so are relationships.  I am thankful for the people who make my life better and for the ones who make it more challenging.  I would never grow without trials and tribulations. 
God is blessing us, we are blessed.

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