I know this is the second post in one day but I was struck by something and wanted to share. I grew up in an amazing family.  I had a sweet and loving mom who almost never got angry, a dad who would rather quit a job than miss a basketball game and a slew … More Family

Moving On

So today was actually a very nice day.  We ran errands (boring), took the kids to lunch, bought new pj’s and also made a trip to the dollar store. I am starting to feel a little more me today which feels nice.  I’ll admit I feel a bit “raw”.  My analogy for this feeling is … More Moving On

Best Laid Plans

I had big plans for today.  I was going to take advantage of Mike being gone for the day and really clean the house.  I planned on doing all the things I always put off like scrub the tub and wipe out the shelves in the pantry.  I also got all the bowels and food … More Best Laid Plans


We moved into our little house in Lebanon six months ago and it was love at first sight.  I love my charming little house with its fireplace, colorful walls and fenced backyard.  It was the perfect house for us at the perfect price.  About a month ago we got a letter from our landlord saying … More Redecorating

Eventful Week

So this last week was actually pretty eventful.  It was filled with revelations, changes, finals and snow.  LOTS of snow! So lets start at the beginning. REVELATIONS. I have a very dear friend that I don’t see very often.  We live in different states and rarely talk.  Usually we see/talk when one of us is … More Eventful Week