Farms, Carnivals and Candy OH MY

This weekend was filled with carnivals, trips to the farm and sleepovers.  On Friday, while Madie was at school, Mike and Chelsea took Ty to the farm with them to see some baby goats that were only a week old.  I hear that Ty was a bit hesitant at first but warmed up to them.

Ty doesn’t have many friends.  That is the disadvantage to missing the kindergarten age cut off but he is lucky to have his cousin Boaz (Bo) who is only a couple weeks older than him.  The two of them are good friends and love to hang out with each other.
After the trip to the farm the boys came to our house and Bo spent the night.  This was kind of a big deal because about a month ago Ty got brand new bunk beds for his room and he has been begging to have Bo over and “try them out”.
On Saturday we took the boys, Madie, Mom and Colette to the Dr. Seuss Carnival at Madie’s school.  Madie had been looking forward to this carnival for a month and saving money to buy tickets.  The carnival was filled with Dr. Seuss themed games, food and prizes.
One of the best about living in Lebanon is being surrounded by so much family.  I always have someone to call when I need a hand and the kids get to share these events with people like my Mom.  The kids played games and she couldn’t help but join in 🙂

At the carnival the kids ate nachos, cotton candy, candy and root beer floats.  They then went home and fell into food comas for three hours. The joy of being a kid!

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