We moved into our little house in Lebanon six months ago and it was love at first sight.  I love my charming little house with its fireplace, colorful walls and fenced backyard.  It was the perfect house for us at the perfect price. 

About a month ago we got a letter from our landlord saying that she would not be renewing our lease.  Apparently her new living situation was not working out so well and she was going to move back into the house.  I was heartbroken.  I did not want to leave.

As luck would have it she decided to move in with her sister and will be renewing our lease :).  We couldn’t be happier.  Now that we know we are going to be staying here we have decided to finally make some changes.  My house is filled with things that I don’t love very much.  We have a huge sectional that I have never really cared for.  It is big and limits the room options.  It is also now falling apart.  I also have a 60 inch TV that I don’t care for either.  It is just WAY to big. 

So, Mike told me it was time to make some changes, how lucky am I to have such a great husband.  My plan is to have all of it done by April 19th so hopefully I’ll have updated pictures by then.  So here is my front room as it is.

I really should have cleaned house a bit better before taking these pics but oh well.  This is the giant sectional in the corner.  Its up against our sliding glass door because its really the only place that works with the TV.
Our front room also hold my husband’s desk, which I have never been a big fan of. I plan to change this with our new closet/office but more on that later.
This is our HUGE TV on my antique sideboard.  It limits the walking space from the hall but it really is the best place for it. 
I decided that I want a 3 piece couch set (sofa, love seat and chair).  This will provide me with the most options.  While online looking for decorating ideas I came across a website that allows you to enter the dimensions of your room and then choose furniture to place in it.  I love it! I have figured out my “ideal room”
We are going to sell the big TV and use the money to by a smaller one that can be wall mounted over our fireplace.  I’ll throw in a a few tables, a reading corner plus bookshelves in the back and I think I’ll be very happy with the outcome. 
The website also allows you to see everything in 3D
You can find the website at
I don’t plan on spending a fortune.  The money from selling our big TV will cover a nicer smaller one, about 14 inches smaller. I am going to be shopping at my local teen challenge, craigslist and second hand stores for furniture.  I will also to be open to refinishing old stuff if need be. 
We will also be redoing our bedroom as well.  So I’ll post more about that later. If anyone sees a good deal on couches let me know. Also, if you are in need of a couch will be giving ours away.  I wont lie it is stained but its microfiber so a good shampooing will fix that problem.  Also the springs are out in two of the seats.  Mike nailed a piece of plywood underneath those seats so you don’t sink but its also not incredibly comfortable in those places now either.  I think if someone took the time it could be a nice couch again it just doesn’t work for our space.

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