Best Laid Plans

I had big plans for today.  I was going to take advantage of Mike being gone for the day and really clean the house.  I planned on doing all the things I always put off like scrub the tub and wipe out the shelves in the pantry.  I also got all the bowels and food coloring out to make this really awesome cake with the kids that I found on pinterest.

Instead of doing all those things, I laid on the couch in a funk watching junk reality TV while the kiddos played outside.  I hate days like this one.  I accomplished nothing. 

Also, our plans of going to the zoo on Saturday have been wrecked by the weather, rain and more rain in the forecast.  I spent the last hour online trying to figure out what else we could do. My options include: OMSI, The Discovery House, Aquarium, Puppet Theatre or a trip to the movies.  Not sure which one we will do yet but we promised the kids a fun whole day outing during spring break if they were on their best behavior.

Hopefully tomorrow is more successful and I climb out of the dark fog I feel like I’m in today.


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