I know this is the second post in one day but I was struck by something and wanted to share.

I grew up in an amazing family.  I had a sweet and loving mom who almost never got angry, a dad who would rather quit a job than miss a basketball game and a slew of brothers who looked out for me.  I was lucky.  Not only were all these people great but they also loved the Lord.  I was lucky to have the people who I saw on a daily basis share such an wonderful bond in Christ.

However, none of my friends were Christian and in my extended family (grandparents, aunts and cousins) only my Dad’s parents and one of my Moms brothers attended church and had a relationship with the Lord.  I remember wishing that they were Christian.  I wanted to feel closer to them and share that bond.  But we didn’t.  I use to doubt that any of them would ever come to know the Lord.

I have learned that you should never put God in a box.  He is capable of anything and most of the time his plans will far exceed our wildest dreams.  I have since watched my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins come to loving relationships with the Lord. 

I feel blessed to read my cousins’ blog and read about their love for the Lord.  The sad thing is that we live hours away from each other and haven’t seen each other in years and years. I would love to live close to them, to build a relationship that we never really had before.  We now share so much in common as we are young Christian women with families.

I do feel blessed by their blog.  Even though we live far apart I get a little glimpse into their lives and am able to see how God is blessing and building them up.  Family is so important both near and far. So, I wanted to let you know how blessed I am by you two beautiful and amazing women.  I am so thankful that we are family.


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