Car Trouble and Boob Phones

Mike and I were pretty excited for this weekend.  It was all suppose to start on Thursday night.  We would head to dinner at Mike’s parents and then leave the kids there.  We would not see them again until Saturday.  Sounds fun right?

On our way to Dexter we blew a tire.  I happened to be driving and these things generally freak me out.  Surprisingly, I was relatively calm and was able to get the car to the side of the road without killing us.  So there we sat on the side of the road in the pouring rain and wind.  Semi trucks kept zooming past us making our car shake and the kids cry.  Mike got out and the saw that the tire was shredded and wouldn’t you know it, we don’t have a spare. 

We started making phone calls and no one answered.  I went through the brothers, Dad and Mom…no one. I was beginning to freak out.  It would be quite a long walk in the rain and I had two scared kids in the back.  Finally my Dad came to the rescue.  He canceled his meeting that night, took us home and drove Mike all over looking for a new tire. They finally found what they were looking for in Albany but the night was ruined. We cancelled dinner and had to disappoint the kids.

The next day was sleepover day with my parents.  They had all the older grand kids over for a big sleepover filled with movies, pizza and other junk food I’m sure.  We dropped the kids off and headed out for our “night on the town”.  Now originally we had planned on having a nice dinner and seeing the Hunger Games.  But unfortunately our date night money was spent on a tire so we headed to KFC (fancy, right). 

While we were waiting in a rather large line the girl in front of us starting to talk about everything.  She talked to us about the weather, her aunt, her mother and anything else she could think about.  We tried to be polite but distant, it didn’t work she kept on talking.  The crowning moment was when she asked me if I had a touch screen phone and if I liked it.  I told her yes to both.  She then sticks her hand down her shirt into her bra and starts rooting around!!! I mean not a casual adjustment but digging around in her bra.  She then pulls out her phone! She show it to me and starts talking about all its features.  I could not believe this. Now I want to make it clear she had pockets.  TONS of pockets.  Pockets on her jacket, pockets in her pants and pockets in the hoodie she was wearing under her jacket.  She just chose to store her phone under her breast.  It was one of the weirdest things ever.

So, our romantic night out consisted of seeing our very first boob phone, KFC and a trip to Walmart for milk and sour cream.  My goodness we are exciting people.


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