Mother’s Day Gift

My husband doesn’t care much for “fake” holidays.  Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not top on his list.  He doesn’t care for forced showings of love.  This doesn’t really bother me because I am married to a man that shows me how much he loves and appreciates me all the time.  I get flowers for no reason, late night romantic dinners (after the kids have gone to bed) and the every day little things like filling up the car because I hate going to the gas station. However, every now and then he surprises me with a homemade Valentine’s Day card or this:

I LOVE our little house on Harmony road.  The name is suiting 🙂 but I do miss the country a bit.  I had complained several times that I wanted to grow my own vegetables.  Turns out he was listening.  He and Ty built these boxes for me and the kids helped me plant everything. 
I am SO blessed.

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