This last week I went to a couponing class taught by my sister-in-law Sarah.  Before I continue let me say this, if you want to learn how to coupon have her teach you.  I have gone to a couponing class before and was nothing but confused when I left. However, her explanations were very clear and easy to understand. 

After the couponing class I felt very motivated to get started. I have couponed before but only in a very limited way.  I found coupons for the things I was going to buy and saved a little when grocery shopping.  This is somewhat different 🙂

I had a whole lineup for today but Walgreens was out of almost everything I wanted to buy and they misprinted their ad.  However I still had a pretty good day. This is what I got from Safeway and Walgreens.

Retail Price: $24.64
I payed: $4.24 (although I subracted the register reward I left with the total out of pocket was $7.24)
Savings: 83%

Not a terrible way to start this off!


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