A New Term Starts!

A new term and technically a new school year starts tomorrow.  I am unprepared. I had a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish before this happened but very few are checked off.  However, I have one more day so hopefully I find some motivation to get this going. In interesting news it looks … More A New Term Starts!

Coupon Trip #6

This was a pretty good couponing week. I waited until mid week to coupon which meant that some of the things on my list were no longer there.  The popcorn in this picture was free and you could get up to four boxes but the entire store was wiped out except this one lonely box I found. Retail: $99.08 I … More Coupon Trip #6

Couponing #5

This is not a very exciting week for couponing.  There were a couple of things I wanted to get but my budget wouldn’t allow it.  But still not terrible.  Next week will be exciting, I think. Retail: $18.81 (although this might not be completely accurate.  My sister picked up the All packs for me so … More Couponing #5

Craft Day

Sarah and I had our first craft day of the summer.  The plan is to get together every Wednesday to make a craft, hang out and give our kids time to play together.  This week we made our own T-Shirts using crayons and sandpaper. It was a blast.  Here is the how-to: Supplies Crayons (use … More Craft Day

Couponing #4

So I have decided to post my couponing trips only once a week instead of a bunch of little posts.  Normally I will do this on Saturday but this weekend we have some stuff going on at church and the monkeys are gone so I am done couponing for the week.  Trip #1 Retail: $39.32I … More Couponing #4

Summer Time

I am very excited for the summer! Madie will be home and I am only taking a part time course load which means I’ll have more time for the fun stuff :). My plan is to fill each day with little things but to do one big craft every week.  I will post all about … More Summer Time