Couponing #4

So I have decided to post my couponing trips only once a week instead of a bunch of little posts.  Normally I will do this on Saturday but this weekend we have some stuff going on at church and the monkeys are gone so I am done couponing for the week. 

Trip #1

Retail: $39.32
I Paid: $15.00
Savings: $24.32

Trip #2 (I went back to get more hair stuff and toothbrushes)

Retail: $22.37
I Paid: $3.47
Savings: $18.90

Now I do want to be clear (I don’t want to mislead anyone), I do include store savings as well as coupon savings.  When I tell you what the retail price is, that is the price before my coupons and before the store sales (such as buy one get one free, or lowering the price of that item for the week).  The best savings are found when you combine coupons with store sales, of course.

The best part of this couponing thing surprised me.  It is not getting stuff for free or saving my family tons of money, although that is all amazing, it is helping others.  This week alone I was able to give my parents and Mike’s parents stuff from my couponing pantry.  Things they would normally have to spend money on and now they don’t have to.  They can use that money for other things.  In fact the only reason I bought the thermacare products was my Dad and his old man back :).I love getting to help people who have spent so much of their time and money helping me.


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