Lessons Learned/I’m Not Super Mom

I had plans for a craft today.  I was going to do some interesting finger paint/name art with my kiddos and Abby.  However I made a slight miscalculation.  I simply forgot how exhausting a one year old can be.  I tip my hat to you Sarah! I should be clear, she was an angel.  She always is :). But I was exhausted after two hours.  So, I scratched the whole craft thing and instead decided to take the kids somewhere new and exciting…sushi!

Madie LOVED it.  She ate six California rolls and was a pro at using chopsticks.

Ty was not interested in chopsticks at all.  He told me the only way he would use them is if he was visiting China.  He ate two of the rolls.  He really did like the inside but didn’t care for the seaweed.
Abby ate teriyaki chicken and rice.  She was very hesitant at first.  She didn’t like how the rice made her finders sticky and wanted me to wipe them every time she picked up a grain of rice.  I couldn’t get her to eat any chicken.  Mike on the other hand had no problem with that.  As soon as he started picking up the fork and stabbing her chicken she would fight him for the fork and eat it. 
When we got home we dyed Ty’s hair blue.
This all began several weeks ago with a dream he had.  He woke up telling us all about the double Mohawks he had in his dream and how amazing they were.  At first I said no but eventually Mike wore me down and they shaved the Mohawks in.  Then my Dad told Ty he should dye it and again eventually Mike wore me down.  This is the final product.  I must say we do get a lot of looks out in public.  Mostly directed at me :).  But as hesitant as I was I must say I like it.  I like it because it is so….Ty.  It is a little crazy but oddly cute just like him. 
The lesson I learned from all this is to be a bit more flexible.  It is just hair, it grows.  He loves it, he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.  He has had people tell him that it looks crazy, stupid and weird.  His response: “I don’t care, I think it looks awesome”.  I almost missed the opportunity to let him dance to the beat of his own drum because I thought it might be a little embarrassing for me.  I want my children to be individuals.  I don’t want them to be followers. And Ty is definitely and individual.    

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