Make Your Own Pore Strips

My skin has been pretty horrible the last few months.  I’m not sure what has changed but I have been plagued with blackheads.  They are never ending and difficult to rid of.  I could go buy the pore strips at the store but honestly they are expensive.  So I looked for ways to make my own on Pintrest and YouTube.  I finally settled on the one I am going to show you.  I gave it a try this evening.


  1. an egg
  2. bowl
  3. whisk or fork
  4. single ply toilet paper


1. Gather your supplies

2. Crack and separate your egg, leaving the white in the bowl.  (You can throw out the yolk although some people use it as a moisturizer after the mask)

3. Beat the whites until it all bubbly

4. Apply the egg white to your desired area.  Most people would apply to just the nose or chin.  I put it on my entire face.  Like I said I am having a rough couple of months.
5. Place single ply toilet paper over the egg white.  Caution! these are not going to be flattering photos.
6. Do something fun for the next 30 minutes like laundry. 
7. The whites will harden and form a VERY hard mask on your face.
8. Peel the mask off.
9. Wash your face.
10. Apply a moisturizer.

Honestly, this was amazing.  I tried to get a good picture of all the junk on the toilet paper but it just wouldn’t show up.  It was like a pore strip on crack.  My face felt incredibly smooth and ALL of my blackheads were gone

I HIGHLY recommend trying it!


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