Coupon Challenge Week 2

Retail: $83.93
Paid: $11.00 (I had extra money left from last week)
Savings: $72.93

This was a pretty good week. I’m lucky to coupon with someone because Sarah was able to grab some of this stuff for me while she was in Albany and at Walgreens. So, for $11 I was able to get over $80 worth of product.  It really is worth the time and requires little money (if you plan appropriately).

Last week I talked about where to find coupons and this week I want to talk about something a little different.  I am still new to the whole couponing thing. I am lucky to have my best friend guide me through it.  This last week I thought a lot about coupon etiquette.  Yes, there is such a thing as coupon etiquette. The reason I bring this up is a recent situation that occurred at Albertson.

The razors (pictured above) were free.  Albertson was running a buy one get one (BOGO) free deal on them.  I also had a BOGO coupon.  Combining the deals together made each package free.  On top of that if you purchased $30 in razors you got a coupon (called a catalina) for $5 off of your next purchase. The bottom line is that you get 4 razors for free plus $5 in store credit.

I was pretty excited about this deal! I got 6 bags of the men and 6 bags of the women’s razors. However, there were couponers here in Linn County that got HUNDREDS of bags! In fact one person got 700 bags of free razors!!!! If you recall that means she got 700 bags of free razors and $175 in store credit. 

What is that person going to do with 8,400 (12 per bag) razors??? A ton of couponers ordered hundreds than pitched fits, yelling and screaming, when the store couldn’t fill their store immediately.  This is what gives couponing a bad name.  This is what makes stores not want to accept coupons.  Albertson’s ended their catalina deal early because they were losing so much money.

Another question this scenario raises is: how did they get all these coupons? Most likely dumpster diving, buying numerous newspapers or buying them online (on sites such as ebay).

I wanted to share some couponing etiquette that I follow.  I know that some people may not agree with everything I am going to list or may follow stricter rules but these are some of the rules I follow.

  1. Do not clear the shelves: If you take everything from the shelves you leave nothing for other shoppers.  It can be frustrating for a person who is coming to the store to get one shampoo and there are none left because a couponer has 30 in their cart.
  2. Do not photocopy coupons: this is more than just etiquette, it is illegal.
  3. Do not take a full tear pad: stores will place a tear pad full of coupons next to products, it is rude to take the entire pad; leave coupons for others.
  4. Do not trespass to get into recycling bins: although I dont get in recycling bins at all
  5. Be nice to your cashier! 

One thought on “Coupon Challenge Week 2

  1. Yes, yes, yes. I love the be nice to your cashier one! So true, you will get further by not throwing a fit, yelling, getting frustrated and building a relationship with a cashier. Hopefully your cashier does the same in return! By building a relationship with cashiers and managers you can benefit greatly; such as the manager letting you know of shipments or overstock (conditioner deal I got).

    My rule is to take 2-4 of tear pad coupons. Most deals come in sets of 2 and it can take some time for us to use 4 of something up and typically there is another sale on it by that time.

    Having a coupon buddy is awesome! You always have 2 people scouring the stores at different times, can trade coupons, and can help each build up what the other person needs. Example, I have enough BBQ sauce for a year so any deals I find I'm totally giving them to you 🙂

    Loves sis!


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