Family Pictures

Last year we had our first photo shoot by a professional photographer (until then we had just done the Sears, sit in a room, photos) and I fell in love.  I didn’t realize family photographs could be so real and not so posed and forced. But unfortunately we only had the kid’s pictures taken not … More Family Pictures

Coupon Trip #9

This week I shopped at Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart. Retail: $70.90Paid: $18.08Savings: $52.82Savings to Date: $549.49 4 Schick Hydro Shaving Cream 2 Skintimate Shaving Cream 4 Dial Body Wash Foam 2 Gillette Body Wash 2 Denteck Floss Picks 6 Olay Soap packs (12 bars of soap) 8 Milky Way Candy Bars (ALL FREE) 2 … More Coupon Trip #9


We had a big family vacation planned this year but financial situations made that difficult.  So, instead we took a two day trip to Portland.  We stayed in a hotel, went to OMSI and the zoo and ate out.  The kids had a blast!

Coupon Trip #8

Retail: $95.50Paid: $38.21Savings: $57.29Savings to Date: $496.67 I know that saying I paid $38.21 seems like a lot of money.  However, I have saved up some in store credit (called UP and Register Rewards), they were about to expire so I used them all.  My out of pocket cost (or OOP) was only $19.77 It … More Coupon Trip #8

Couponing Trip #7

It was a fun week for couponing.  I spent more than I normally do but got a bunch of great stuff that I needed.  Plus some fun stuff for people in my family (my in-laws love peanut M&Ms) Retail: $228.28I Paid: $54.68Savings: $173.60Savings to Date: $439.38 In cast you cant tell what is in the … More Couponing Trip #7