Coupon Trip #11 How To

I am by no means an expert on this whole couponing thing.  I am not just being modest, you should ask Sarah how many times I call her to ask questions! There really is a lot to know and it takes some time.  However, I have had a few friends ask me how to do what I am doing. So, today I did a very simple trip to Rite Aid.  I will just tell you what coupons to use and what to buy (Jo this is for you). So here is what I got:

Retail: $36.92 (why anyone would buy these items if they weren’t on sale I cant tell you.  One toothbrush retails for $5.29)
Paid: $5.44
Savings: $31.48
Savings to Date: $678.04

How to

First you will need two copies of last Sunday’s newspaper.  All the coupons you need (besides the ones I’ll tell you to print) are in there.

Here is what I bought, all at Rite Aid, with the corresponding coupons:

2 Reach toothbrushes on sale for $2 each
-$2/2 coupon found here

*if your unfamiliar with what $2/2 is the number before the slash is the dollar value, the slash pretty much means off and the number after the slash is the amount of product. So in the case it is $2 off of 2 toothbrushes

-$2/2 coupon found in the Rite Aid oral care book.  This book can be found near the ads inside the store or just ask someone for help.

2 bottles Dawn dish washing liquid 9oz on sale for $0.97 each
-2 of the .50/1 coupons from newspaper

2 bottles Caress body wash on sale 2/$6
-2 of the .75/1 coupons from newspaper

2 Axe deodorants on sale 2/$9
-2 $1/1 coupons from newspaper
-$2/2 coupon found here (create an account, watch a video and then you can print the coupon)

After these coupons you will pay the cashier $10.44.  The reason I say these things only cost me $5.44 is because the Axe deodorant and Caress are part of a promotion.  If you buy $15 worth of these products (other products are also included and this is before you subtract coupons) you get a $5 UP reward.  An UP reward is like a gift certificate that you can use in the store.  So when you receipt prints at the bottom you will find a coupon for $5 off your next purchase.  UPs are great because you can roll them along.  When I made this purchase I actually paid nothing out of pocket because I gave the cashier UP rewards from a previous purchase.


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