Overcommitting. Its something we all do.  It sneaks up on you.  You are cruising along going about your business and then one day you realize that everyday is filled with things you have agreed to do.  Recently, Mike and I had a pretty serious conversation about our various commitments. After we finished talking we realized some things had to change.

Its easy to think that being busy is a good thing.  The world tells us to do more, be more, and constantly go. Now I’m not saying that busyness is inherently bad but I do think we need to be careful.  The things we were committing our time to were valuable things, but were they worth it?  We found ourselves in a place where we were rarely home together at the same time.  Between his work, my side jobs, church activities, the kids stuff and commitments to friends we were busy almost every night of the week.  I was attempting to attend two woman’s bible studies and Mike was attending a church group that had no set schedule and changed every week.  
It began to feel a bit like we were roommates. One person would check in so the other could check out.  We missed our time of relaxing together and enjoying simple family time without being on the move.  So, changes had to be made.  I quit one of my bible studies and focused on the one that, so far, has really been ministering to me.  I turned down an extension on a weekend job at my old lab.  Mike stepped down from his church group.  
The changes we made are a bit sad. We both were enjoying what we were doing.  We didn’t necessarily want to quit. Although, the decisions were not just weighted in time constraints. We prayed a lot about whether it was the right decision. But I feel really good about the new season we are going into.  I have no desire to be a hermit (well maybe a little) but more time with my family sounds wonderful.  
Going forward we are going to make a point of opening our home more.  Inviting people over and being hospitable is not something we have excelled at recently, we were to busy! But now we have several free nights and a somewhat dependable schedule. This new season wont be permanent. I am sure more commitments will come into our lives, especially as our children grow older. But I am going to savor this time together.

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