Missing Church

I haven’t been at church in weeks and I am feeling it.  I miss worship, hearing the word and the fellowship.  I didn’t realize how much I was missing it until I went to ladies bible study on Thursday.  Getting a little taste of it made the absence that much more noticeable.

I’m not forbidden to go to church by my doctors, but I am scared.  In the beginning I went without even giving it a second thought.  But then I got sick with a cold at Christmas time and it lasted almost a month.  It set my treatments back by three weeks and kept me in bed.  I just can’t do that again.

Large groups of people is always a little bit challenging when your immune system is compromised but more so at church.  Church is filled with people who love me (and who I love) that want to hug me and sit and talk with me.  All these things are wonderful but makes spreading germs that much easier.  It might just be a an annoying sniffle or sore throat for them but for me, it could wreck my life for a month.  So, for the time being I think I’m going to limit myself to small gatherings. Its easier to handle and easier to communicate the need for them to keep their distance if they are sick.

I just wanted to share this little update for those of you who have noticed my absence.  My faith is not wavering and I am not horribly ill.  This is just a season.  And I love having visitors (if you are healthy). So stop by sometime if you’re in the area.



One thought on “Missing Church

  1. I added black beans one day and garbanzo beans another, I need extra protein.
    I plan to can pints to I can take them as I travel.
    I put the jar in my front car window as I travel and it is perfect by lunch time.


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