Road to Recovery

Chemo is over! The road to recover now begins and it actually includes…well…a road.  You see several weeks ago I shared, on Facebook, a picture of a bike I have been wanting.  It was one of the new cruiser bikes that are built to look like an old fashioned bike. We only have one car and 12-14 hours a day, 5-6 days a week it is in Philomath with Mike.  So, I am trapped at home with two kids, only able to go places within walking distance (that includes one market and an elementary school).  I really wanted to be able to get out and about. I talked it over with Mike and we agreed that I could get one to celebrate our anniversary in October, which would give me some time to set money aside for it. But God had a different plan. A week ago I got a call from a friend that lives near me. She told me to come over because someone had left something on her porch with a note that said “for Kandi Newcomer.”  That something was this:bikeThere was no indication of who left it.  Part of me desperately wanted to know so I could thank them profusely but I absolutely respect and admire their decision to do this anonymously.

But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your charitable deed may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.”                                                                                                                                                                  ~Matthew 6:3-4

I decided the best way to thank them was to put it to good use.  So, I set out! At first going down the street was a stretch. But soon I was making a trip around the block and then 1 mile and then 2.  This week in total I biked 10 miles.  I know that number doesn’t seem that impressive but for me it feels like a major accomplishment.  So, if whoever gave me this bike happens to read this please know how much joy and freedom your gift has given me.  Exercise no longer feels like a terrible chore but instead is something I look forward to all day.

With some new found exercise I decided to start making some other healthy changes.  Small steps that would be manageable and wouldn’t feel like huge things.  Things like drinking more water and eating more fruit.  I so desire to live a healthy life but I also strongly desire balance.  I have such a hard time with people who are consumed with it.  All they can talk about is what they eat or how much they exercise.  Those are all great things but my main priorities are pointing people to God and loving my family.  Those are the things I want to talk about. If I have to choose between using my time to share a recipe and sharing the Gospel…well that’s a no brainer. However, I know being healthy will allow me to continue to do those things and its all about balance.

This blog will not be dedicated to the things I eat or how much I exercise but it will include them.  Because as they become a part of my life they will become something I talk about. So expect to see recipes and health updates but also expect to see my thoughts on scriptures, updates on my family, information about couponing (yes I am going there again my stockpile is no longer a pile but more of a shoebox), adventures in canning and above all else my intense love for Jesus and his people.

I am changing but if you ever find yourself in a conversation with me and I wont stop talking about eating right or exercising while you are trying to share meaningful parts of your life with me, please just hit me upside the head with a cheesecake.  It will shut me up and then we can enjoy a tasty dessert and talk about you.


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